History of Calderdale Credit Union

The Credit Union was first registered in April 1993 as Calderdale MBC Employees Credit Union. An application was made to gain approval from the regulator to alter the common bond to a ‘live or work’ qualification which would enable the Credit Union to offer its services to a wider membership base. This was granted on the 15th January 2003. The common bond now incorporates some 240,000 people. In July 2003 a number of smaller Credit Unions within the Borough merged to become Calderdale Credit Union.

The Board of Directors is passionate about the encouragement of savings for its members and all its staff are trained to point out the benefits of personal savings. We believe that starting to save is the first step towards lifestyle changes which can improve the health and welfare of all the family, especially the children.

We know there is a dignity in having personal savings which increases self-respect and esteem. Seeing savings grow is not only satisfying, but it is also a testament to the members’ willingness to learn to manage to live within their means and look beyond instant gratification.

On behalf of the members, the Board of Directors has purchased a town centre building, in Halifax as the Credit Union's headquarters. Staff moved into the new building in December 2013 and since then the member experience has improved greatly.

After a vote at its annual general meeting in February 2014 Calderdale Credit Union applied to the financial regulator for an extension to its common bond. This was approved by the regulator in spring of that year, and meant that the credit union could now serve the people of Kirklees.

This was very exciting development for the credit union, Kirklees has a population of approx. 428,300*. The two boroughs adjoin each other at Ainley Top and from town centre to town centre is approximately 10 miles. We opened our branch in Huddersfield in August 2017, on Queen Street, in the town centre.

The emphasis of the Credit Union is on partnership working and a lot of links have already been established to fulfil this objective. New partnerships are being developed on an on-going basis and will be a key factor in ensuring that future strategies for growth are realised.

The live or work common bond will allow everyone who lives or works within the geographical boundaries of Calderdale and Kirklees to become a member of the Credit Union.

There has been a sustained period of growth following various government initiatives and this has significantly changed the nature of the business in the latter years. In addition, the current financial climate has meant that the Credit Union is seeing a different type of member profile, necessitating a new and more innovative approach to member services.

Mission Statement

“The purpose of Calderdale Credit Union is to provide financial services for everyone in Calderdale and Kirklees.”