Flood Save

Flood Save is a match funded savings scheme for businesses and homes. 
£500,000 from the flood fund has been invested by The Community Foundation for Calderdale, and in the event of a flood, this money will be used to match fund.


Who can join the scheme?

The scheme is available to those businesses and homes that are not covered by FloodRE.
The eligibility of businesses and householders becoming members of the scheme is expected to be primarily determined on previous experience of flooding and location.


How to join the scheme?


  • To join, please download the application form here
  • Please bring the completed form into the branch, and a new savings account will be opened with Calderdale Credit Union. Please Note: You need to bring your ID to your local credit union branch to complete the process.

  • Good news for Flood save members:

    Where previously the maximum amount allowed to be matched in your flood save account was £2,000, members can now save a maximum of £5,000 and this amount will be matched in the event of a flood.


    You can now start your savings with a deposit of anything up to £2,500


  • You will pay regularly into your Flood Save account with cash or monthly standing orders of £10, £25 or a maximum of £150,  (savings will be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme). The maximum savings allowed is £5,000.


Want to find out more?

Contact us here or pop into your local credit union branch.