The Next Generation...

Calderdale Credit Union, helping to build a better financial future

You can become a member of the Credit Union at any age... it’s never too soon to learn the value of saving.

At Calderdale Credit Union we believe that a basic financial education is one of the most important things we can teach our children from an early age.

Setting up a savings account in your child’s name could kickstart the habit of saving, this is a good way to teach them the importance of money management and saving for their future.

The application form is easy to complete – however it does require an adult signatory, who must provide at least two official documents to verify their name and address. These must be accompanied by the Young Savers birth certificate or passport.

Should you require any further information regarding acceptable forms of ID, please contact us at one of our offices, Halifax T: 01422 386060 or Huddersfield 01484 538406 


The example below shows how savings can add up:


50p per week

£1 per week

£5 per week

After 5 weeks




After 10 weeks




After 15 weeks