Change Account puts you in control of your finances

Apply for a Change Account with us today, it’s the first step in managing your money better.

The ability to budget well is an important part of controlling your finances. That’s why we offer the Change Account to our members – with an exclusive discount.

Your account monthly fee will cost just £2 per month when you apply through us, instead of the normal monthly fee of £4.25.

We believe this account will provide you with a convenient way to make payments, and is a great way to manage your money.

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What is a Change Account?

A Change Account is a special type of transactional account designed to help you budget and keep an eye on what is happening to your money.

You’ll also get up to 20% cash back on purchases with participating retailers when you use your Change Account prepaid debit Mastercard®.


How does a Change Account help me with my money?

The Change Account gives you helpful and easy-to-use features that allow you to manage your outgoings.

The account’s features include:

  • Pre-paid debit Mastercard® – control the amount of money you walk around with
  • Secure budgeting wallets – sort your money into different wallets for different types of spending
  • Anywhere, anytime account management – access your account 24/7 through the website and mobile app
  • Clear payment alerts – know ahead of time when money is leaving your account and what it’s for
  • Advice and support – get the help you need to make good use of your new account
  • Features of the Change Account
  • Transparent and low costs
  • No overdraft and no credit
  • No credit check

Set up your Change Account payment instruction here 


Why does Calderdale Credit Union recommend a Change Account?

  • We value the trust we build with our members and take the responsibility of choosing providers very seriously. We selected Change Account because we believe it to be a great solution to a problem many members face.
  • No hidden charges.
  • You don’t like hidden charges and neither do we. They can harm your ability to control your money.
  • Most of what this account will do for you is included in your £2 monthly fee. The things that aren’t included are both easy to find and come at a low cost.
  • It’s your money, and only your money.
  • An account with no overdraft and no credit removes the temptation to borrow. The Change Account helps you manage just the money you have. That’s why it only offers the money you put in it.
  • This also means it doesn’t require a credit check.


How do I apply for one?

  • Submitting an application is quick and easy. Follow the link below and you’ll be able to apply for a Change Account and enjoy the special price discount negotiated by Calderdale Credit Union. Take the first step in taking control of your money.

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