Vox Card puts you in control of your finances

Apply for Vox Money with us today, it’s the first step in managing your money better.

The ability to budget well is an important part of controlling your finances. That’s why we offer the Vox money to our members – with an exclusive discount.

We believe this account will provide you with a convenient way to make payments, and is a great way to manage your money.


Thanks for your interest in our Vox Money product, click HERE to apply in a few easy steps.




Have a Vox Money Account? Request a Recurring BACS transfer 

What is a Vox Card?

A Vox Account is a special type of transactional account designed to help you budget and keep an eye on what is happening to your money.

How does a Vox help me with my money?

The Vox Account gives you helpful and easy-to-use features that allow you to manage your outgoings.

The account’s features include:

  • Contactless VISA debit card
  • Cash-Back shopper rewards and budgeting tools
  • Easy to use mobile app